Doctor’s Orders

A tale of medical debauchery.

Game Description

Doctor’s Orders is a twine-based, text-adventure game featuring a plenitude of adult interactions between you (the player-character) and the resident physician of a local clinic. There are multiple endings and it will be up to you to navigate the story to a satisfactory conclusion. If you are a swift reader, a single playthrough likely won’t last you ten minutes. Fifteen at the outside.

The main menu (above) features detailed instructions (albeit brief ones) on how to play. You will progress through the story through a combination of reading associated passages, selecting an option from a list of choices representing how you wish to proceed, and repeating until the narrative concludes. If you would prefer to play in full-screen, you may do so by selecting the appropriate icon in the bottom-right corner of the game window (above).

Doctor’s Orders is my first (finished) adult-themed project. As such, I fully anticipate errors both grammatical and ludological in nature. It pains me to think that such issues may arise during your playthrough, but I am confident that I would never publish anything if I were too focused on polishing a project until no errors remained.

That said, I am committed to ensuring this game is functional. While I may be unable to resolve every problem that occurs during your session, I will make a concerted effort to correct catastrophic issues which prevent the story from being completed. Doctor’s Orders contains many permutations and, while I have done my level best to test for all of them, I fear there may be bugs which have escaped my notice. If you encounter such a flaw, you would do me a great favor if you would post a comment or email me at [email protected] to describe it.

Finally, as I know I’m rambling here, I would appreciate your feedback regarding this project (though who knows if anyone will ever stumble across this page). If you gleaned at least a dollar’s enjoyment from this labor of love,  a donation would be positively wonderful (although this is my first project and I anticipate receiving no monetary reward, as completion of this work is reward enough). Positive comments and constructive criticism are equally wonderful things which would go a long way, if you could spare the time to supply them.

Please enjoy!


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