Despite My Monsters

Adult text-roguelite with dominant monsters.

Game Description

“Despite My Monsters” is a minimalistic text-based roguelite, initially created during a gamejam, where you play as an adventurer doing his best to clear a mysterious dungeon filled with dominant monsters. The game puts a special emphasis on submissive content, while still providing the player with an upbeat and positive atmosphere.

The concept may appear simple at first, as you use your keyboard to select the next action and read the result, however complexity is found in the many outcomes behind those actions. Exploit the game’s mechanics and learn to please your dominant partners to reach the top. That is all.

Oh and yes, it’s a spin-off of our other title “With My Demons“. 

As much as adult game developers would love to make inclusive games suited for everyone above 18, it is simply not feasible (not to mention boring!). Like most adult games, Despite My Monsters features a certain level of content filtering, available right from the start. We are working and will continue to work on improving it, but as of right now you should avoid this title if you find yourself uncomfortable with:

You don’t like it? There is a plateful of alternatives out there for you to play, we would recommend checking those instead.

Keep in mind, there are a certain number of fetishes that the game will NEVER feature for legal and personal reasons. As usual, don’t confuse fantasy with reality, and treat other human beings with respect and empathy (that includes game developers).

This game is currently in active and “early” development. Please – oh please – follow us so you don’t miss out on what comes next. (We were just so eager to show you our progress, we didn’t take the time to set everything up yet.)


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