Desire and Submission 3

Florian has left the castle for a business trip in Japan

Game Description

While the master is away on his business trip, the madam is having fun with a different woman. In the morning after the butler leaves, the woman begins to suck the madam’s tits and pussy. After that as the maid comes to bring the madam’s food, she is stripped and has the food laid on her body. The woman puts a cookie into the maid’s pussy and lets the madam eat it. Part 2

Instructions: Touch at the right place to continue with the story. After the butler leaves touch the shades to expose the woman. Then kiss the madam and undress her sleeping gown. Then suck her nipple and then continue undressing her gown. After you can see her pussy, touch it to let the woman suck it. After the maid comes, touch the cookie then her pussy to insert it to her pussy.


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