Dating in a World on Fire: Meet Relay

A Dating Sim in a Climate Changed Future. A playable short demo.

Game Description

“Dating in a World on Fire” is my next game.  This is a “futuristic” dating sim, designed to be similar to Date Ariane Remastered.

The playable demo is a brief introduction to the main character and setting. There is no romance, sex, or nudity in this demo, safe for all ages.  I’m releasing it publicly to show what I am working on.   More info available at

If you are interested in following the development of the game and get early alpha and beta versions, join my Patreon at

If you haven’t streamed games before, click the little arrowed square in the lower right corner to make the game full screen.  The pictures are full 1080 HD that look really small if you don’t full screen it.

My first dating sim Date Ariane Remastered, exhausted all my “present day” dating sim ideas.  By setting a new game in the future, I can make another game with similar style, humor, and sexiness, with all my scenarios having a sci-fi flavor instead.

At the same time the futuristic setting will bring in a utopian/dystopian vision of the future, which gives an added edge. There are obviously big problems in this future related to climate change, but these problems are irrelevant to the main dating story so they will only be present in the background to add a unique flavor to the game.

This game will be rendered in Daz Studio instead of Poser 12, mostly because the Daz Studio models tend to be better looking.  This will allow for some more modern graphics to the game.

This demo does not have a player character avatar, but like my other newer games there will be male and female avatars eventually, and the game will be voiced.

Note: Because of streaming loading times, some of the voiced lines may not play for you, but all the lines are voiced. Try playing slower if this happens.

This game can be played on a phone browser, but the text is small and unreadable unless you force it to display the page in landscape mode. On a phone the “full screen” button might not appear, click preferences and you will see a text saying full screen you can tap on.


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