Dating Draco

A visual novel game where adult disaster Harry Potter dates Draco Malfoy. Created for Drarry Let’s Play Fest 2023.

Game Description

He really needs the help, he’s a bit oblivious.

Created for the inaugural 2023 Drarry Let’s Play Fest.

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Ten years after the war ends, Harry – ex-auror, recluse, and general disaster – navigates dating the man he’s spent the last few years in a friendly truce with and been half in love with for the same amount of time – ex-rival Draco Malfoy.

Will he manage to convince him to accept an invitation to the charity gala that he promised Luna he’d go to? Will he get the motivation to come out of hiding and actually date someone? Will he fall head over heels and somehow convince Draco to do the same? Maybe!

Will he stop being a human disaster? Probably not! It’s part of his charm!

Keep an eye on this game, there will be updates for bug fixes as needed and new content including another storyline with Draco and art to go with it at some point in the near future.

Story, development, character art and unlockable CGs by me!

Background images for scenes, SFX, and music used royalty free from Pixabay.

Thank you to my friends mallstars and LadderofYears for their cheerleading, hand holding, brainstorming, and generally being amazing. So much love to you both!

Some of the art is a little ✨spicy✨ and some of the content is suggestive, so this game is rated M for mature and shouldn’t be played by minors.

I do not, in any way, own or claim to own anything to do with HP, the characters, or any other trademarked/copyrighted content within this game. This is entirely a fanwork and made for fun. 

All art is mine, however, and I would appreciate if none of it was reposted or used without my permission.

If you come across any bugs or typos, please feel free to contact me. Include a description of what’s happening and the chapter it happens in if you can. Screenshots of errors or the scene it happens in are also helpful!


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