Grow the perfect himbo body

Game Description

This game is intended for mature audience only. You must of legal age in your country to view this content. All characters in this game are 21 or over.

You start your adventure as an underdog accountant in Brutalitron City, a cyberpunk metropolis filled with neon lights and dominated by muscular men. At the beginning of your story, you will encounter a mysterious stranger who will open the doors of a world of muscle growth supplements and perfect male bodies. Will you submit and grow into the perfect himbo, or will you take control of this city with your superior mind?

The game is in active development and in a very early stage. Not much in this first version, we will add more to this prototype every month. Stay tuned! 

If you like the game or have any feedback, please leave a comment. It helps a lot!

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Some issue with itch play in browser: If you are trying to run the game in incognito mode, you might see an error saying “no valid storage adapters found”. There is an easy fix, you need to allow 3rd party cookies [here’s how]


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