CYOA nation building and conquering yaoi game.

Game Description

Conquerrence is a yaoi CYOA eroge game where you take the title of the King of Wevendh after the disappearance of your brother. Surrounded by other nations and its leaders, your decisions shape not only your kingdom, but the world around you. A conqueror of overwhelming force wresting control from other leaders in one on one combat, a diplomat of honeyed words using favor and pressure to your advantage, a dogged investigator into the world’s mysteries looking to find your brother, you can be all of these and more depending on your choices. Of course, there are choices to be made in the bedroom as well.

This game came about because of the distinct lack of yaoi games as a whole, let alone ones that feature strategy at a nation level, when they’re readily available in hentai. Part of the goal of this project is to write kinks and situations that are seen in hentai but just haven’t been put into a yaoi game before, so that people with those kinds of kinks can actually play something to their orientation.

If you like what I’m doing here and would like to see more, I have a Patreon where you can support and pick up the patron-only build of the game, which is the latest build, as well as incrementals between big updates. The game will always be free via public releases, but any and all support is highly appreciated.


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