Class Clown

I hAtE cHiLdReN hElP mE kIlL tHeM aLl

Game Description

yOu MuSt HeLp Me I hAtE cHiLdReN

You are the Class Clown. Hit the teacher with spitballs so the class pays attention to you, and then moon the teacher. The more of them that watch you, the closer I will come…

…and then I’ll kill them all.

UP stands, and DOWN sits. Space bar is the FIRE button. It makes selections from the menu, and it moons the teacher as long as you hold it while sitting. While standing, it brings up your aim bar. Release when the star is over the green area to shoot a spitball at the teacher.

LEFT and RIGHT bend over to pick up the notes the girls throw at you to increase ammo, but right now this doesn’t work, so you have a lot of ammo.

If the clock reaches 3, everyone leaves, and you lose.


tHeRe ArE tHrEe DiFfIcUlTy LeVeLs. THREE.

 Press left and right at the title screen to change the difficulty level. Selecting level one now includes a tutorial mode.

Files were lost. There may never be anything but a remake now. 

oH wElL, IT sAiD. BeTtEr LeFt dEaD.


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