Cindy Spooptober “Accept Reality” Animation

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Cindy lets her mouth run too far, and ends up saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Will she regret her choice of words? Very likely, yes… 

Patreon Deluxe Part 1 can be bought from this page or found here —

The Patreon Deluxe features (and will feature) pregnancy denial, pregnancy expansion, hyperpregnancy expansion, lower body weight gain and implied birth. Note: there will not be any birth, graphic or otherwise. A preview of the first Deluxe can be seen at the end of the YouTube video. 

Currently, only one Deluxe file is finished, and I plan (and hope) to finish the 2nd Deluxe for around the 14th-15th, if not earlier. The 2nd part of the Deluxe will be added to this project page one completed, and can be downloaded for no extra charge for those who bought the project before that point. Keep an eye out for notifications as to when I update this project with new files, and keep your download link so you can access them!

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