A Text Based Adult Roguelike game Inspired by Faster than Light, Corruption of Champions and D&D

Game Description

The player character, an outcast from society, is chosen by a mysterious being of light of questionable benevolence to end the blight ravening the world. They find themselves on a quest to travel east to slay the blights demonic master battling desperate humans and sexy monsters along the way. Along the way they will encounter all kinds of creatures, locations and events along procedurally generated maps.

The game blends elements from Faster Than Light, CoC, and D&D. It is text based like CoC and takes place in a medieval fantasy universe not a sci-fi one. Like FTL this game has roguelike elements including a procedural map similar to the FTL starmap. Like D&D you have a party of characters and dice rolls are used in combat. Defeat usually means permanent death and bad ends abound. Maps are procedurally generated.

Supported pairings: Male/Female, Female/Male, Male/Male, Female/Female

Fetishes currently in the game: Demons and Succubi, Transformation, Bondage, Alrune, Elves, Tentacles, Witches and a few others.

More fetishes may be added to the game latter. The game has a built in mod system, so anyone can build a mod to support a particular fetish (underage content is not allowed). If there is a fetish in the game you don’t like, you can probably avoid it by just clicking through the scene.


The game is still a W.I.P with some unfinished scenes where not all four pairings are fully implemented. I plan to get it finished up by the end of the summer. Updates are announced on my blog at


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