Chop Shop

Crime. Cars. Cash.

Game Description

Crime. Cars. Cash.

Unfulfilled at work, struggling for money, and witnessing the exponential success of your best friend, you learn that your intel at AutoLuxe Insurance Services™ is not entirely useless. The call for a new opportunity arrives, abruptly dragging you down into an underground car theft ring.

Meet a crew that runs a shady auto body business and face the world fuelled by greed, risk, ego, and a lot of gasoline.

Chop Shop is strictly 18+ for language, themes, and potential explicit content. 

This is a browser game made with Twine (Sugarcube 2), available to play on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Please note the interface will change depending on your screen size. All saves are stored in your web browser cache and cookies. It is recommended to Save to Disk when possible. 

This game is currently in development. During playthroughs, you may encounter bugs and/or errors. As the game is updated, you may find your saves are broken and progress lost.

Status – EP 04 is in development. EP 03 is undergoing rewriting, editing and testing. 

Public word count – 120k. Alpha word count – 170k.

FOUR – The Mourning | The Team Principal 

An unnatural team leader, skilled mechanic, and annoyingly strong-headed; Four provides the rocky foundation of this operation. Still troubled and unable to accept personal loss, guilt threatens the cracks of his struggling business.

DILANI – The Resenting | The Analyst 

The cold and calculated right-hand; Dilani likes to keep things in check under the radar. Unable to meet family expectations, they turned their genius elsewhere – able to crack any computer system, infiltrate any network or whip up a helpful gadget in no time.

SUNNY – The Searching | The Artist 

With a blunt and hard exterior, Sunny is not welcoming to strangers. After flunking out of art school, his expert craft is expressed out on the road, transforming and fine-tuning cars into unrecognisable beauties – whether it be for genuine customers or to dupe law enforcement.

MAZ – The Recovering | The Driver  

Too daring and death-defying for their own good, the former up-and-coming superstar was ready to inherit greatness. Now an embarrassment to the family name, and unable to face their new reality, Maz turned to the back-alley car world.

AIMEE – The Reforming | The Thief 

Charm, dishonesty, and sticky fingers are a messy mix. With no life goal in sight, Aimee’s made a living out of taking what’s not hers. Whether it be a pen, a partner, or the keys to that Porsche outside. But, for how long is this job sustainable? 

Thank you so much to my rubber ducks and beta readers – Jade, Jasper, Ren, Vee + Leo – for all your creative input, editing and bug-fixing. The game wouldn’t be where it is without you!


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