Cheating Crush 1

This is a NTR & false-NTR story about a bullied student who’s cheated on by his best friend-crush and his girlfriend.

Game Description



This is both a NTR & false-NTR fast pace story about a bullied student who’s cheated on by his best friend-crush, as well as his girlfriend.

Although you play the game from the protagonist’s point of view, you will also be able to read the two main female character’s detailed thoughts. That is, what’s going on in their minds as one of them shamelessly cheats, while the other one slowly becomes corrupted.

There’s spying, phone spying, anecdote telling cuckolding, “eyewitness” cuckolding, physical appearance comparison, sleeping rape & drug-facilitated sexual assault (weed).

The gamer is still under development, so the story is linear for now. There will be non-NTR paths in future updates.

The group consists of the protagonist, a shy but open-minded student; Scarlett, the protagonist’s selfish and egocentric crush best friend; Michelle, the nerdy and unconfident protagonist’s girlfriend; and Damon, the attractive and brave protagonist’s best friend.

The game features some kind of love triangle in which Scarlett, despite having an extremely attractive boyfriend, has just seen her sexual side awake and now wants to sleep with hers and the protagonist’s best friend, Damon, who has a lot of experience in sex. At the same time, Michelle, who is sexually frustrated because of the lack of stamina of the protagonist, is starting to pay attention to Hiram, the chess club teacher who has been behind her since he was hired.


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