Celebrity delivery [Final version]

Drive’n f*ck anime stars in a lewd city

Game Description

Support me on Patreon <3 and I’ll give you some cake ! 

Push the WASD buttons OR arrows to move around the car.

Use space bar to advance dialogues or click with mouse.

I will continue to make H games and if you want your voice to be heard and the game that matches what you really want, come and follow me

I intend to go full time on that game creation venture by November 2023 and give you the quality you seek.  So if you want to join this adventure link is here

Take manga celebrities and random customers to where they want to go :

Avoiding trees and houses is very appreciated by everyone ! 

Sometimes in this town, girl just loose it 🙂 

– 6 well known characters and 4 reward H picture for each.

– A little bit of game time and gameplay, added for you to have even more fun in the game.

– See your unlock gallery anytime.

– A shop to be able to buy stuff to advance with character story. 

– You can’t loose the game, just be slowed down in your progression if you get hurt to much while driving a passenger. 

And some useless things like:

– Save/Load a game

This game dev is considered finished, except for minor changes. Focus will be given on new games. See patreon link up there for more insights 🙂 

Thank you for playing


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