Broken Kingdom

Which will you choose: your beloved home country or the country you’ve been ordered to spy and destroy?

Game Description

Which will you choose: your beloved home country or the country you’ve been ordered to spy and destroy?

Broken Kingdom is a high fantasy interactive game with intrigue, politics, and betrayal. You play as Milan or Miklan Alde, a diplomatic envoy from a country rife with magic and turmoil and you are tasked to brokering unity between two tense nations.

Broken Kingdom is in development with the prologue beta set to release on April 26, 2023.

You play as Alde, a diplomatic envoy from the country of Veruna, set with the task of brokering peace with Agral, a country with tense relations with most of the neighboring countries. Under the surface, however, you are to collect and gather evidence of militaristic efforts from Agral to prevent another war against magic.

When you find Agral has more secrets than you could’ve imagined, you soon find more than you bargained for and fending yourself in a world that hates magic users and any of their kind. You find some unlikely – as well as likely – allies through your adventures as you traverse and decide the fate of these two countries.

✵ Choose whether or not to engage with magic in a country where magic is outlawed

✵ Multiple endings to each chapter

✵ Changing personality traits that change how characters interact, or not interact, with you

✵ Gain or lose the approval of companions and side characters as well as different groups throughout the game

✵ Combat can determine different results and abstaining from combat also yield varied results

✵ Invite or decline companions to join you on your journey

✵ Timed choices that lead to different results, or not choosing is also an option

✵ A codex and journal that you can always access during gameplay, providing insight and context to the vast world of Broken Kingdom

✵ Characters will react to your approval with different groups depending on where you are

At the start of the game, you will choose between two protagonists in which you will play as they for the duration of the game. This choice does not affect gameplay or how characters treat you, other than how characters refer to you. Customization occurs through gameplay, your character traits are being considered through the many different choices you make. Once these characterizations made, how other characters see your character will show during the end chapter screen. These personality attributes are not locked in. You can change how characters perceive you and change how your character interacts throughout the story.

There are also approval systems for different characters and different factions throughout the game, and reaching below a certain threshold or reaching very high on a threshold will present you with different options.

Writing, designing, coding and creation by Sereen H.

@starlightgames(tumblr dev log)

Character Art and Portraits by @al-norton on tumblr.


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