Breaking Faith

An erotic babysitting adventure.

Game Description

Breaking Faith is a text-based, NSFW interactive narrative about twin girls who, bored one morning, decide to have a little fun with their new babysitter. Unfortunately, their idea of “fun” is far more perverse than the poor woman has bargained for. It’s up to you whether to trick her into a passionate rendezvous or force her into a ménage-à-trois as you work toward one of four possible endings.

While it is possible to avoid much of Breaking Faith’s controversial content, those sensitive to non-consensual acts may wish to avoid this game altogether. There is also potential to encounter rude, demeaning, or deceitful language, as well as depictions of extreme vulgarity. If you are on the fence, more information can be found in-game after clicking “New Game”, but before starting play. All characters that appear in-game are depicted as being at least 18 years of age.

Progress through the story by clicking colored links that move you about the game-world and allow you to make decisions which directly impact the ending you receive. Additionally, during the first section of the game, there is an inventory (accessed via the left sidebar) from which items can be clicked to overcome various narrative challenges (item-use is relatively straightforward; there is no moon logic here, nor item combination). Downloadable versions of both Breaking Faith and its predecessor have been included on this page in .zip format.

Did you encounter an issue during play? Is there content you’d like to see implemented? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact me via email at [email protected]. Other than checking to ensure Breaking Faith is functional, I will be taking a break from adult content for awhile—though I may add/tweak things sometime in the future. Making a request does not guarantee implementation; I reserve the right to disregard content which I find distasteful (though I will do my best to reply to comments, even if only to state my disinclination toward the topic at hand).

Thank you for playing!



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