Body Count

Just your average dating reality show… or is it?

Game Description

Your life isn’t going how you’d hoped. Despite having big plans when you graduated, you’re stuck in a dead end job and a crappy flat with zero romantic life to speak of. All until a friend convinces you to join the cast of a new reality TV show.

The premise is simple: 12 singles are sent to a villa on a tropical island and they live there together for a month. After 28 days, the couple who is voted by the other islanders as being most likely to withstand the test of time will win £500,000. In addition, the couple with the highest body count will win £500,000. Total prize pool? £1,000,000. 

In this context, “body count” refers to how many people you’ve slept with… right? Well, that’s what you think when you sign your contract. Turns out, though, that not all of your fellow cast members will be using that definition to get to the prize. 

Fall in love, win big money, solve some murders and try to stay alive.

Body Count is rated 18+ for violence and sexually explicit content. 
Warnings for the existing chapters include: Alcohol, Blood, Gaslighting, Murder, Sex & Smoking. This list will be reviewed and updated with updates. 

Body Count is written by Nell! Want to track me down? You can find me on TumblrKo-Fi and email

The user interface for Body Count has been developed by the brilliant nyehilismwriting who can be found over on Tumblr and Chapters 2 & 3 have been edited by huge-brained J.A. Fitzjames who can be found on Tumblr, and the Body Count logo was designed and created by the incredibly creative Steph who can be found over on Tumblr.

Thank you to my amazing beta testers for swatting bugs and to everyone else that has given me advice, listened to me rant and whinge, and helped with testing/proofreading/tweaking etc etc. 


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