BlushHand X

A Rock Paper Scissors Stripping Game!!!

Game Description

This game includes content not safe for work content, those under 18 should turn back now. All characters depicted are 18 or older.

Characters, art, and original game was created by NitroMagnetic. They unfortunately disappeared and deleted all their work from the internet, this is a revival of the original game ported to the Godot engine, original engine was written in Construct 3 and it had a subscription wall. If I come in contact with Nitro and he doesn’t want the game up I will comply. Link to their original works.

BlushHand X is a strip Rock Paper Scissors game. Play against four girls and win six times each to see them nude!  Lose five times though and they’ll see you nude!

YES! Anyone is free to modify the source code, don’t need to ask me but make sure you credit me. Though let me know if you want to do translations or code clean up. 

Link to the source code.


Discord: X-Person#5467

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