Blue Swallow

An Erotic American Spy Thriller.

Game Description

Welcome to Blue Swallow© : Adult American Spy Thriller.

You control the action of our main protagonist, our heroine who has been thrust from a normal life into going undercover to save her family and save her country.

Who is she? How did she end up in this position? Will she succeed?

…What will she have to do to accomplish her mission?

YOU decide.

Current version available on is  0.3 public release that comprises a majority
of the character creation, setting the scene and enters post-High School…

0.3F will see the following development of the story and is currently available for our subscribers on Patreon and Substar:



Roadmap for 0.4 and further

Please check out the SubscribeStar or Patreon pages for our Discord and latest version release!

Public (read: previous) releases will be found here.


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