Blissful Sleep

Blissful Sleep is an adult game taking place in a world at peace after the humes won the war against the Demon Queen.

Game Description

You, the player

You play as an adventurer having proven herself in the war by defeating one of the Demon Knights, with the help of your companions.

You heard that a strange disease, the Blissful Sleep, is spreading in your childhood town and when your mother told you that your sister has fallen victim of it, you decide to go back home to take care of her.

Once home, you will start investigating the Blissful Sleep and try to figure out the complex situation happening there.


Margaret, a… helper

Blissful Sleep is composed of two parts : the day, were you meet the other characters of the story and make preparations for the next part, and the night, where you explore the Dream World looking for clues in your investigation.

The day part is straightforward, with quick events giving you temporary buffs for the night and unlockable character events empowering them.

The night, you play a dice game during encounters against your opponents to try to progress and keep your friends safe by fighting with dice and abilities.

Melody, the childhood friend


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