Big Aspirations

A weight gain text adventure

Game Description

Hi! This is my first attempt at making a story in Twine, but I am feeling ambitious. Please be aware that this is my first time doing coding or working with this software so the chances of bugs popping up are likely, but please feel free to tell me about them, I am willing to fix mistakes and learn! I am also using AI art to supplement the story, my art skills are lacking and my budget is limited, I hope you understand.

You are Aubrey, a young woman who just recently started her job at a marketing firm. You have always gone unnoticed in your day to day life and you have reached  your limit. You come to the realization that the only way that you will be able to draw the attention and respect of others is by getting…bigger.

A text based weight gain adventure using AI art.

Version 0.5.0 includes

Patch 0.5.1

Patch 0.5.2

Patch 0.5.3

There has been content added to the earlier parts of the game, so I would recommend a fresh start.

A shout out to @Morte_Nera on the Weight gaming forum for aiding in writing a couple of scenes!

A big thank you to @hamanda for coding a save function that works around the limitations of Harlowe, his efforts mean that I won’t have to make the switch over to a new coding language.

As always, bug reports or suggestions are welcome, 

This game was made on Windows OS and the file path uses Windows formatting. Other OS’s may have a hard time displaying images, from my understanding refreshing the page may help in those instances.


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