Bess + Luna in “Babysitter Training 2: Belly Boogaloo”

Game Description

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Note: Considering how long these two Patreon Deluxes took to make, and that there will be at least two more Deluxe parts for this animation, I’ve made the price higher than usual. All future parts will be added to this project, so anyone who buys it now will be able to download future Deluxes added to this page for no further charge. Make sure to keep the download email Itchio sends you so you can access future downloads when completed. Please feel free to wait until all parts are completed if you’re unsure this will be worth $4 (I think it will be).

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 

(YouTube video is still processing as of 24th Sep, will delete later today if quality doesn’t improve)

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