Berry Picker

Game Description

Berry Picker is a game about one of three girls of your choosing who dreams of leaving her small village. In order for her to do so she must go out and pick berries to sell to the town shop in exchange for goods. But beware, the forest is full of those who see your tasty berries. They want nothing more than to pop your cherry.  

All images are original AI generated images from my Stable Diffusion model. All gameplay elements were made from scratch (CSS scripts, Java Scripts, HTML scripts) 

Please visit our Roadmap at:

To stay up to date on developments and what I have cooking in the oven. 

So far I have put over 120+ hours into the development of this game. From creating a base Stable diffusion model, creating a CSS script for the number game for interactions. and HTML coding for the sandbox elements. This is just the foundation for expansion and adding additional content. Please enjoy.


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