Ballad of the Judgment Night

How will you destroy the world?

Game Description

Welcome to the world of ”Ballad of the Judgment Night”, a dark fantasy interactive fiction game. In it, you play as an angel who’s using their skills for one goal: to destroy the world. Choose how to tackle this goal and how to deal with anyone who would stand against it, regardless of who it is.

This game is 18+. Content warnings: violence, death and murder, language, avoidable sexual content. More detailed content warnings can be found in the game.

The angels live on the moons that float around the planet Mundus, interfering in humanity’s affairs only when the Creator thought that would be for the best. To bring peace and harmony.

After centuries of fighting for this cause, now you know that only fools would think there is a possibility of a peaceful world full of harmony. There is no such thing in the ranks of angels, too.

Now the fragile angelic society finally tipped the scales. Chaos for others, an opportunity for you. Soon you’ll make sure to wipe out the thought of a “benevolent angel” from anyone’s mind, and no dried blood on your hands won’t stop you from setting the world on fire.


➢ Have the main character’s appearance visualized or disable the feature.

➢ Customizable main character: name, gender, pronouns, and appearance.

➢ Choose what kind of sin is seated in your soul and try to live with it.

➢ Find a new weapon: scythe, longbow, or dagger — and try to learn it’s secrets.

➢ Interact with a different cast of characters and have a chance to befriend, antagonize or romance them.

➢ Pick how to destroy the world: create a mighty army, use the apocalyptic cult worshippers or seek out the forbidden knowledge.

➢ Multiple endings.


➢ Dahariel (female) – An angel you know. Every time you saw each other, Dahariel always attempted to befriend you. She’s the type of angel who tries to do what’s best for angelic society, but what is best in Dahariel’s eyes?

➢ Kawasa (male) – A mischievous forest spirit. Kawasa is a popular bard who likes to poke his nose into other people’s business, and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll poke into things he shouldn’t.

➢ Lira Zaril (male, female, or non-binary) – A former hero who can’t stop being a hero. Intimidating and hostile to nearly anyone, Lira still gets respect from people by fighting evil in this world. And it looks like they can see evil in you.

➢ Opiel (male, female, or non-binary) – The only angel with whom you got close, until Opiel fell and left you when you needed them the most. Now even the sweetest memories of you two together are tainted with bitterness and resentment.

➢ VilentVilentia Roshe (male or female) – The ruler of the Caele Empire. On the better days, people call their monarch fair and just, and at the worst — tyrannical. Can you find some use in them, or will they find use in you?

➢ Zephyrus (non-binary) – An undead seer. With a mysterious aura and polite smiles, they often appear in the right places at the right time, telling the right things to the right people.

➢ Abandoned one (?) – Someone who waited long enough.

Currently, this game is a work in process. Because of this, there might be grammar mistakes, typos, errors, and such. If you find any, please let me know! Also, keep in mind that whatever you’ll find in this demo might change in the future.

Feel free to check out my blog if you have any questions, suggestions, or errors to report, and where you can expect frequent updates and extra content.


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