Art Thou A Demon King

Become a Demon King and live through a fantasy otherworld.

Game Description

v0.4.5.1 has been released!

Change Log:
Additions in


-lewd scene after completing Rune 21.


-Made some adjustments to the latest reward scene, added X-ray and eye effects.

Bugfix in


-Fixed several related bugs in the Violet scenario.

Significantly changed the way flags are managed, but a clean save is not required.



– Aria’s blowjob

– Sex with Aria

– Sex with Aria tied up.

– Violet’s blowjob.

– Sex with Violet + foreplay scene

– Sex with Violet tied up.

– Isabella’s blowjob.

– Sex with Isabella + foreplay scene.

-lewd scene after completing Rune 15.


-lewd scene after completing Rune 21.

v0.4.6.0  The version that is currently available on Patreon.


-???’s Footjob

You can also check my game development progress and update schedule here.

About the game

-All sex scenes are 2D animated. 

-The game has voices of the characters in some parts of the game. It is recommended to play the game with headphones or earphones, especially during the sex scenes.

-The dialogue in the sex scenes will change depending on the girls’ emotions and pleasure level.

-You can destroy the girls’ clothes during the battle scene.

If you win the girls, you can imprison them in the dungeon and view the sex scenes at any time.

– planning to have 5 positions and 15 scenes in the end.

How to operate this game.

Press the control key to skip the dialog.

During the battle with the girl you can choose your attack with the left click.

You can only do naughty attacks when she is flinching and when you have the energy ball.

If her Pleasure Gauge is above 30 percent and you win the battle, you will move on to the sex scene.

Press the bar on the right side of the screen to bring up the volume control screen.

Full screen mode is not possible in the browser version


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