Anthro Love

You have your own dating show, but there’s a twist, the contestants are furries.

Game Description

Anthro Love, a furry dating text game.

You get your own dating show and have 20, 40, or 60 anthropomorphic characters vying for your love! This is a parody of dating shows. You get to nickname the contestants, go out on dates with them, and eliminate them.

This game contains M/M and M/F sexual content. The protagonist is a male human. There are 10 female NPCs and 10 male NPCs in the 20 individuals cast, 20 female NPCs and 20 male NPCs in the 40 individuals cast, and 30 female NPCs and 30 male NPCs in the 60 individuals cast. There are eliminations in the game, so if you don’t like one gender, then you can get rid of all those characters of that gender at the first elimination ceremony.  The super sexual content appears later in the game, so it’s easy to avoid unwanted content. There is also an all male NPC mode for the 20, 40, and 60 individuals cast. It is possible for the protagonist to experience a male-to-female transformation at the end (this content can be easily avoided).

Male NPCs (all versions in Original Mode; First Season in Seasons Mode): Anole; Elephant; Fox; Horse; Otter; Roadrunner; Shark; Spider; Stoat; Tiger

Male NPCs (only in 40 individuals cast in Original Mode; Second Season in Seasons Mode): African Wild Dog; Donkey; Eagle; Elk; Gila Monster; Lemur; Orca; Rat; Red Panda; Toad

Male NPCs (only in 60 individuals cast in Original Mode; Third Season in Seasons Mode): American Woodcock; Bearded Dragon; Fiddler Crab; Lion; Llama; Penguin; Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine; Quokka; Rhinoceros Iguana; Tanuki

Female NPCs (all versions in Original Mode; Male in the 20, 40, or 60 men mode; First Season in Seasons Mode): Bear; Caiman; Lynx; Okapi; Scorpion; Shoebill Stork; Squirrel; Tapir; Tuatara; Wolf

Female NPCs (only in 40 individuals cast in Original Mode; Male in the 40 or 60 men mode; Second Season in Seasons Mode): Amazon River Dolphin; Armadillo Lizard; Axolotl; Gorilla; Nubian Ibex; Quoll; Red River Hog; Sheep; Snow Leopard; Swan

Female NPCs (only in 60 individuals cast in Original Mode; Male in the 60 men mode; Third Season in Seasons Mode): Bison; Chameleon; Dhole; Dik-Dik; Dragonfly; Giant Anteater; Hoopoe; Kangaroo; Opossum; Walrus

Original Mode has a pop up box for name inputs while Seasons Mode has input boxes all in one place. Original Mode has one playthrough (with a 20, 40, or 60 cast). Seasons Mode has a playthrough with the first 20 contestants, a second playthrough with 20 different contestants, and a third playthrough with 20 other contestants. You can skip specific seasons in Seasons Mode.

This is Version 1.08 of Anthro Love. You can find more games on my Patreon and SubscribeStar with the specific links listed on the first page of the actual game. You can also find games by using my Game Directory on itch: If you would like to support me, then become a patron at or subscribe to my SubscribeStar at and you will receive access to early content of my games before they’re posted anywhere else. This game also has a Strategy Guide and Scene Selection Generator on Patreon and SubscribeStar.


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