Angel Under

(18+) High-quality story/action game

Game Description

Hi everyone! We’re finally back with version 0.3 of Angel Under. This is a relatively small update for the time we’ve taken, but there’s a good reason for it: in this update, we’re introducing the gunplay feature! Finally, you’ll be able to start massacring enemies with a decent weapon. In addition to that, here are some other new features:

– A new fully animated NSFW scene, plus a couple of small ones.

– There’s a save system now!

– There’s  skip content button now!*

– All the audio has been reworked with FMOD.

– Lots of bug fixing and some other minor stuff.

*IMPORTANT: If you’ve played the first version of Angel Under and don’t want to go through all of it again, select this option in the file menu!

Angel Under is a visual novel/action game with a lot of emphasis on characters and story. You’ll take the role of Erin and Milo, two aspirants in a reality TV show about killing demons in the war against Hell. 

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