All The Things You Said

a tiny conversation

Game Description

This tiny bitsy novel picks up on the story of Lola, a queer sexworker. After meeting with Emily, who was supposed to be her last client, Lola returns to her apartment, where she accidentally runs into her roommate and their new partner.

All The Things You Said is part of a series which is being developed by Velvet and Alicia. You can find a complete list of games in chronological order down below.

This installment is a sequel to both ‘I am feeling things too’ by Velvet, and ‘a memorable time’ by Alicia. Consider playing these tiny bitsys first, to be able to follow the characters and their story.

Move your character and advance dialogue using the arrow keys or the w/a/s/d keys on your keyboard. On mobile, swipe to move your character.

Currently, there are four games available, here listed in chronological story timeline order:

‘All The Things You Said’ was made using bitsy. Some of the dialog was taken from “i am feeling things too” by Velvet.


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