AEC Sandbox

Fool around in a lab full of elastic anthros. Contains WG, inflation, expansion, unbirth, etc.

Game Description


You work at a massive research facility located in a town that is totally encased from the outside world.

Your lab currently specializes in odd, elastic, horny, female anthro creatures made from a mix of human DNA and DNA nabbed from who-knows-where. The lab’s goal is to 1. figure out how to make them without the weird elasticity, and 2. get their libidos down to something more tolerable.

Do whatever you want, there’s no goals, no time limits, no unlocks, (plenty of secrets, though.)

The game is mostly inflation/expansion stuff, but really just focuses on any kinks related to things getting bigger; expansion, inflation, pregnancy, stuffing, weight gain, oviposition, safe vore, implants, blueberries, safe unbirth, etc.

(Comments, suggestions, and concerns welcome.)

(I mean it, tell me what to add and I’ll likely add it. More human content? More plain ol’ sex? More [FETISH] with [CHARACTER]? Do you want your (female) OC added to the game? Is a certain character not described well enough?)


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