Adventurers Cleaning Service

Game Description

A short visual novel where you become a wagie, cleaning the nastiest big burly guys.

How to Play: When you clean your client, you get an affection point; choosing the right answer during events will also make your affection point higher. When your affection point is maxed, you can unlock “fun” scenes with the characters.

There are 3 characters for the public version and 1 additional character for the patreon version.

Warning: If you don’t like musky, sweaty, smelly stuff, then this game is not for you.
This game is a one-month project, so there are no planned future updates. However, if it receives lots of support, I’ll definitely consider adding more features and characters.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to discuss or comment below. You can access the complete version of the game through the Patreon link here.

Note: The game is best played on pc browser.
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