A Trick of the Mind

Two parents survive the harrowing scenarios and grotesque monsters created by their child’s imagination.

Game Description

Halloween night is often a highlight of a parent and child’s year. Though the holiday is based around horror, candy and superstitions give a lighthearted feel for the family.

Like every Halloween, you spend it carefully watching ghosts and monsters run amok while Carla revels in candy and the horrific ambience. The night ends successfully, but Carla’s imagination runs wild, wanting to play a game with you.

You accept, but Carla’s vivid imagination is bigger than you thought. What’s more unfortunate is that the game seems like it’s purely for her entertainment. 

Investigate Carla’s inner demons while you try to survive…

– Our story includes 2 endings.

– 7 Achievements.

-Multiple choices that influence the outcome of the story.

– 3 programmed Mini-Games that will test your skills.

– 18 unique background art pieces.

– 7 composed music track to immerse in the story.

This game contains depictions of violence, gruesome imagery, suggestive jokes, blood and gore. Player discretion is advised. – please continue with caution.


Seon Nam (Wendy Nam)Programmer

Renz IbarraStory and Sound Designer

Anthrophantasmus (Hamza)Music


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