A Second Chance

An erotic novel made on Twine about dominance or submissiveness.

Game Description

Choose your own path as a man who is giving another shot at life at another city, play to become a Macho Man, fucking both your neighbor and boss, or be dominated by them, choose on how you will use them or perhaps you will choose how you will let yourself be used, explore a city with different locations on all of which you can play to become the one that gives it, or the one that takes it, on this +60,000 words erotic novel made on Twine.

Explore a world that changes how it views you depending on how you act, whether you will walk and people will notice or will try and avoid noticing you, be playfully dominated at work or be ravaged by being a bottom, be the one that uses your female neighbor as an object or choose to ruin her life from your actions.

Change-log: .rar has a few images, nothing impressive.


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