a memorable time

a tiny appointment

Game Description

This tiny bitsy game / visual novel tells the story of an experienced queer female sexworker and her last client. Though marked as NSFW, this game is not showing sexual scenes. Instead, it approaches the struggles of queer self discovery, anxiety and confrontation with internalized fears as a result of queerphobic environments. 

Move your character and advance dialogue using the arrow keys or the a / d keys on your keyboard. On mobile, swipe left / right to move your character.

This game was inspired by personal experiences from my own perspective as a former sexworker. It is to be noted that the topic of sex work is much more complicated than what the game is showing – this game is an intentionally positive take. It is fiction that was inspired by my own experience, which at times consisted of positive encounters such as the one shown in my game. However, this only makes up for a small portion and layer of what I experienced. I still decided to show a positive example, as there already exist amazing works that show other facets of the spectrum sexwork. If you played this game, I highly recommend to also play games such as “He fucked the girl out of me” by TaylorMcCue. 

‘a memorable time’ was written and developed in the time frame of the Yuri Jam 2022. It was made using bitsy.


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