A Late Night at the Office

Your hot co-worker is working late, you decide to have some fun

Game Description

You find your female co-worker to be working late tonight. You help her relax by massaging her. One thing leads to another, and she ends up naked. You caress her tits and then use a candle to fuck her pussy.  This really gets her off.


Use the cursor to select the correct spots to progress. When you find the correct spot, hold it and wait until the bar on the right stops moving. This measures her excitement. First touch her shoulders then touch her clothes until she decides to take off her shirt. Then touch her breast and thigh and rub them. Touch her bra so that she will take it off. Then touch her tits and also her panties so she can start rubbing them. After a while touch her panties so that she can take them off. Use the candle to fuck her pussy.


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