A Day of Her Life

A young woman struggles to come to terms with herself, her relationships and her sexuality.

Game Description


A young woman comes to terms with herself, her relationships and her sexuality. What’s missing from her life? Can she break from her routine in order to understand who she really is? Will she ever find true love and happiness? Sometimes we must pass through darkness in order to find the light.


A Day of Her Life is a project for O2A2 2022 jam, meaning it may use Only One of Any Asset and it must be less than 1000 words.  After the jam ends we’ll offer a longer FULL Version (Edit: never did this. After more thought, the short version should remain the only version).

If you’re interested in more women-who-love-women content, you might want to check out this (much happier) mermaid romance.  It’s a full game (33k words) with one main happy ending and 6 easy-to-avoid bad ones.

CONTENT WARNING:  Mature themes, severe trauma and loss, sexual themes and descriptions (but no explicit imagery). A sad dark story (but also  hope and a few beautiful moments too).


Music (BGM) by Gold-Tiger


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