[18+] Sexy Labyrinth

Multiplayer labyrinth game. Escape the labyrinth or chase down the hero (and bang if you’re into that)

Game Description

Created Jan 2021 for the Sex Games Jam

This work contains depictions of penetrative sex, oral sex, nudity, violence, imprisonment, threats of bodily harm, being chased, chasing, including explicitly putting the player directly in these scenarios. Additional details are available below.

I have tried my best to provide a joyful sexual experience and adequate consent mechanisms with my limited resources but please be warned this is a online multiplayer game involving sex with real person so proceed accordingly.

Be the Hero or the Minotaur in this multiplayer arcade game set in the labyrinth. Find your way out or hunt the Hero in your labyrinth. And once you’ve caught them, maybe that’s where the fun really starts.

Programming, Game Design, Art – Luna Fok

Game Design – Aleksander Pavlov

Font – forked from Cat Pentagram by Noe Charron

Line of sight code – Code Monkey

In this multiplayer game, you play as either the Hero or the Minotaur in the myth of the labyrinth.

If you are the Hero you will have a limited, slightly claustrophobic view. Your view distance is short and you can’t see the Minotaur until they’re almost next to you. As the Hero you can fight back if the Minotaur tries to catch you but you have no means of defeating them. 

By comparison, the Minotaur has an expanded view of the Labyrinth, can see the whole Labyrinth at the same time and can always see where the Hero is. The Minotaur also has their cock out during the game.

The Minotaur can catch the Hero, pin them down and try to overwhelm the Hero. If the option for sex is turned on, once the Minotaur overwhelms the the Hero both players will be prompted to fuck. If both players consent, the Minotaur and the Hero will continue and have penetrative sex, with the Minotaur’s cock and the Hero bottoming (whether this is anal or vaginal is left up to the player’s interpretation), until either player ends the scene.


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