(18+) Flora and Sauna: Web Demo

“Flora and Sauna” is an 18+ visual novel set at a spa with some unique services.

Game Description

(If you’re getting a “script error” we reccomend trying a different browser. The game is runnable on Chrome, Edge, etc., but Firefox has been the most consistent in running stably.  If no browsers work for you the demo can be downloaded at the link below )

Full Game Available Here!


Large Cast of Characters!

Flora and Sauna  features more than 18 characters working at or attending the spa. If you get to know them and help them out, they’ll surely return the favor in their own unique ways!

10+ Hours of Content

300+ images to unlock

In-depth story content and secrets to unlock

Hint system to find all the different quests

Huge Variety of Kinks!

This game feature scenes with a variety of kinks including: vore of all kinds, paws, hyper, bondage,  size difference, shrinking/micro, inflation, sweat/musk, lactation, watersports, possession/transformation, tentacles, ovapositioning, and good ‘ol fashioned fucking!

We know you may not be into every one of those, so we always try to communicate clearly what’s coming with options to skip or stop as you go!

Your Character Could be in the Game!

Read more about the  available options here: 



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